Source of Efficiency

With a decade of experience in serving a range of industries and one of the leading call centers in the country,XtraSource is untouchable in both b2b and b2c virtual receptionist services. Located in the heart of Pakistan with our state-of-the-art infrastructures, we make sure that we provide the uninterrupted customer support, flawless conversion, and maximum productivity to our clients. We as a team never compromise on our integrity, discipline, accountability and professionalism. Our hard work and passion form the foundation of the success we have gained in the last nine years. Services providers like Comcast and Chester showing faith in us indicates our strong reputation in the U.S market. Our strengths include flexibility, versatility and innovation. We never back down from any task and achieve our targets with sheer hard work and we invest our full heart in everything we do.

Energy Deregulations

Using our extensive experience related to Energy Deregulations, we have served both public and corporate sectors and we have landed many renowned firms on our customer list as well. When the increase in Energy Deregulation market demanded increase in the voices, we were there, when the increase of competition demanded accuracy we were there, when the increase in dimensions demanded more flexibility we were there and we are still on top thanks to our hardworking efficient team, individuals who have their veins filled with passion and ethics. That is the reason why from Miami, Florida to Alaska we are operating well in all the states with renowned suppliers like AEP, Ambit and Cirro.

Cable TV, Internet & Home Phone

Our team is equally talented when it comes to Media services. Our scripts are flawless and we establish the perfect targeting strategies to achieve the best possible closing ratio in the most cost-effective manner. That is why well-known telecommunication companies like Comcast and Chester have bestowed their trust upon us. We always put first the agenda given by our clients and we train our agents according to our client’s agenda before they become the extension of their voice.

Insurance Services

Selling insurance over the phone is one of the most difficult things and that’s why we teach several techniques including empathy to our agents as it is necessary to gain the trust of the prospect. Our Insurance loft includes auto, home and health insurance services. Our main focus lies in the goals of the ones who are associated with us. We are always appreciated for our consistency and out of the box approach and that is why our insurance sales are way higher than the other call centers operating in the region.