Xtrasource has been one of my top partners and is regarded as an extension of our business development team. I have personally worked with the Xtrasource team across 2 different organizations. We have worked together on numerous campaigns and continue to learn and grow from our experiences. The Xtrasource team often brings innovative ideas for our team to consider and we are often willing to try them out. The campaigns we have executed on together have created many new sales opportunities and wins for our business.


-Mark Mirsky, GVP Business Development - JDA Software

"Treeni is pleased with Xtrasource's services providing our company with the delivery of qualified leads for our sustainability data management and analytics platform Resustain. I would recommend their outsourced lead generation service which continues to provide our sales team with quality appointments. The people we work with at Xtrasource are courteous, professional, responsive and dedicated."


Ankush Patel, Co-Founder & CEO

Xtrasource augmented our sales team and expedited our goal which was to deeply profile target accounts.


Markos Symeonides, Executive Vice President

Uni-Solutions provides a unique marketing campaign to develop a very targeted and qualified list of potential customers.

LB Water / 540 Technologies put together questions for a short 5-minute survey regarding street lighting and smart city applications.Using these survey questions, over the course of 4 months, Uni-Solutions conducted approximately 100 telephone surveys throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Based upon the results from these surveys, LB Water / 540 Technologies was able to gain market intelligence and a list of potential candidates who expressed an interest in learning more about the intelligent street lighting and smart city technologies.

This information proved to be immensely helpful in developing a strategic direction for our new company/subsidiary.

I would recommend this marketing methodology for anyone who is trying to break into a new market.


Chuck Lacey, Jr. PE, IoT Engineer at 540 Technologies, Inc.

With LTM, we were able to build a content marketing strategy based on real world needs, and that helped us increase scheduled meetings with prospects by 30% in a six-month timeframe.


Jefferson Barr, Director of Marketing

We have been working with Xtrasource for the past 3 years and they have been instrumental in contacting and scheduling meetings with the appropriate decision makers in our targeted industry. Their approach and delivery has been invaluable to Auriga's success.


Marc Schlackman, Director of Sales

Xtrasource has been excellent in lead generation services and has been effectively helping us in constantly increasing the sales pipeline. Their team has been excellent and has been spot on when it comes to follow ups. We are really excited to work with them.


Srinivas T.J., Senior Project Coordinator

I’ve worked with LeadtoMarket for over a decade. After managing sales and marketing for over 30 years, I’ve gone through many telemarketing firms, so when you find one that works, you stick with it. Jay’s group has always over-performed, and been very competitive on price, and has been very easy to work with. I’ve brought them into three different companies that I’ve been at. They’re easy to work with, they do a lot of homework and front-end work before they kick off campaigns, they’re thorough with reporting, and I would recommend them to anybody that is looking to launch into a new market or with a new service offering.


Joe Bong - Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing

Xtrasource does an outstanding job screening and qualifying raw leads, making inside sales and SDR teams much more effective


Greg Ness, VP Marketing at VIDDER

We have been very pleased with the service Xtrasource has been providing for us with respect to providing sales leads. They have been aggressive, professional and successful at providing a consistent set of viable leads for us. We look forward to them continuing to have a significant impact on our business.


John Calcio, VP Sales & Business Development

Enteros is a satisfied customer of Xtrasource. Xtrasource consistently provided the expected amount of lead generation, immediately acted to adjust to company internal inside sales processes and provided a high level of reps management. Their hands on inside sales experience and dedication is what makes Xtrasource stand out among other competing centers.


Ron Warshawsky, CEO

Our experience with Xtrasource has been very good. The inside sales reps provide an excellent representation of PaperShare’s demand generation platform. They source us a steady stream of qualified leads for our sales team, and the management team is always in touch with relevant reporting.


David Greschler, CEO and Founder

For the past 8 months, Xtrasource has provided DVSum with a streamlined service of lead generation on an outsourced basis. We are very happy with the methodological delivery and management team's constant efforts. A highly recommended service.


Aashish Singhvi, Founder/CEO DvSum®

Xtrasource has provided us with a great resource that is quick to learn and they are delivering quality leads for us on a regular basis. I would highly recommend their services to others.


Evan Homer, Sales Manager – Americas

Our partnership with Xtrasource has been one of the best decisions we made in 2013. Their collaborative approach, responsiveness, and teamwork with FMTSI’s marketing team have brought a healthy injection of new leads into our pipeline. Kiran’s leadership is evident and the company has performed well to provide our sales team with qualified prospects that are interested in our business integration and process management solutions.


Faun deHenry, CEO & Co-Founder

Since we started using Xtrasource as our primary lead generator, we have not only acquired a new leads source and increased our sales funnel, but we have also enjoyed the equity of Xtrasource’s company knowledge on marketing in general. We look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial partnership.


David Dovman, CEO

I own and operate a small real estate development company that owns about 12 apartment communities and approximately 1900 units. About 8 years I was looking to ramp up lead generation and create additional ‘deal flow’ for new acquisitions. At the time I could not afford the US based firms and decided I needed to explore other areas. After watching a CNBC show on outsourcing back office duties, it gave me the idea that I needed a way to tap into a cheaper labor pool to help me. I called and emailed 10 Indian based companies and Xtrasource were by far the most responsive, attentive and overall most professional. Even though, my early communications were going well, I was nervous about doing business with an Indian firm and more importantly how would my potential customers react to been called upon by a group of Indians. I decided to pull the trigger and engage their services for 6 months. That was nearly 7 years ago now. I speak to Kiran probably once every 30 days, if I have any issues what so ever he or his staff members deal with it immediately. I have generated millions of dollars in revenue from thousands of dollars I have paid Xtrasource. I whole heartedly recommend Kiran and I am very happy to have met him all those years ago.


James Carmichael, CEO

"On the whole i think you guys were very good. We could get many meetings set up with top decision makers across many hospitals and institutions. Starting from creating the list of people to be contacted, both of the people we worked with from Unisolutions were competent and showed initiative."

Genome Shield Logo

Krishna Ravindranathan, CEO, Genome Shield.

We are pleased with Xtrasource’s service which has brought us a constant flow of qualified leads.

supplier soft Logo

Balu Sharma, CEO

For over 2 years Xtrasource has been delivering a consistent stream of qualified leads to our sales team for our energy saving solutions across Canada. The team has amplified our reach and we continue to enjoy utilizing the service.

Genome Shield Logo

Sarosh Bharucha, President

Celebrating over three years of service – Xtrasource’s back office services continue to provide RISCO with a dedicated team for the APAC market

risco Logo


The Xtrasource team delivers high-quality leads, expediting our sales cycle. I would recommend them if you are looking to add more leads to your sales funnel.

Cimatronl Logo

Lisa Sterling, Director of Marketing

We are extremely happy from the service we get from the Xtrasource guys. The resources have high quality: from the technical background, sales origination and English skills. The supporting team is always available to assist. The reporting system is wonderful. For our needs, the company has delivered successfully ! (Company was acquired by Gartner)

senexx Logo

Zeevi Michel, Co-Founder & CEO

Xtrasource has been of great assistance to our business. Stake holder executives are hard to reach through networking and working with direct mail. We have been able to reach the correct decision makers with our target companies with the lead generation program. I have found that working with Xtrasource has been a very positive experience. The team has always been very ethical, honest and inclusive at all times.

Jurat Logo

Aaron Goldwater, CEO

We are pleased with the boost in sales that we have received directly from the Xtrasource IT lead generation campaign that we have been running. The service has assisted us at Neebula to continue transforming Business Service Management (BSM) at a fraction of current implementation and maintenance costs.


Yuval Cohen, CEO

(Aquired by service now)

We have been working with Xtrasource for three years. During that time, our sales reps have conducted over 1,000 appointments with new prospects which were booked by Xtrasource. Many of our deals are a result of calls which were initially booked through our Xtrasource associates. Xtrasource has proven to be a real partner and has worked closely with us to adapt to our changing needs. They have been very transparent and open, allowing us to work closely together from training to hiring. We view the team at Xtrasource as company employees, and the management at Xtrasource has proven itself responsive and eager to provide high-quality service.


Oren Elias, CEO

Xtrasource continues to assist us in introducing our innovative enterprise software solutions to the US and European markets. The Bangalore lead generation team’s efforts and support have played a big part in expanding our sales pipeline.


Gary Liebowitz, Founding Partner

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